InCourse TorsHaven update

Written by Rex on 17/09/2014 14:17:18

We've released a large update for InCourse and the GameCreator.

We added support for more complex control over elements. No longer events are required to change values in other elements, from now on you can just tell a text field to use a value from some other element.


How? Easy. Enter a selector! For example: =#MyMathObject.value searches for all elements with the name MyMathObject and gets the given property value. In this case, the value of the first math element!


But wait! There's more! Why using a value from another element to position an element? Why not do this: =#MyMathObject.value * #LivingCreatures. Multiply the value of the first math element by the amount of elements named living creaturs? Yes. It's possible. Thanks to our latest update: TorsHaven!