InCourse update #6

Written by Rex on 06/03/2013 10:20:10

We updated InCourse with a set of new features and several bug fixes. The main changes are:

  • New layout

The InCourse layout and design has changed to make it easier for smaller displays on tablets and phones to navigate and use the application. Schedule courses

It’s now possible to schedule courses which you do not own or have made. If the course is public and active you can schedule sessions for a group you’re moderator in.

  • Waiting at milestones

Milestones now have the ability to let the student wait until the teacher gives a go, activating the milestone. Students who reached the milestone will automatically continue while students who reach it later on can pass it.

Because of this change the event “activated” is split in two parts. The milestone will firstly call “reached” and it will check if the milestone is activated by the teacher (or doesn’t need to wait). If that’s true it will call the event “activated”.

  • Global values

Values can be manipulated and set through gate elements. These elements can only share these values with other elements in the same canvas. From now on you can specify if these values are global or local. This means that values from gates which are global will be saved as global on a save event (reaching a milestone) and will be passed to any gate with the same name in the same course.

This makes it possible to share values and states between canvasses through gate elements.

For more detailed changes please visit InCourse's "What's new" page