InCourse update #7

Written by Rex on 06/04/2013 10:18:23

We updated InCourse with  a set of new features and several bug fixes, the main changes are:

  • Improved textual references

References are recognised with the first character starting with a !. These reference can be used in fields inside an element or connection. Improved references are: !sender, !target, !reference en !start.

Example: A connection between element A and B executes the action 'setValue'. The connection's value is '!id:321'. this means that when the connection's action is executed it takes the value of element and sets that as element B's value.

  • More actions for images

Images using vector graphics can now be changed using actions as 'changeFill' and 'changeBorder'. These actions allow the user to change the background or border colours.

For more detailed changes please visit InCourse's "What's new" page