InCourse update #8

Written by Rex on 06/09/2013 10:16:46

We updated InCourse with a set of new features and removed several small bugs. The main changes are:

  • Performance improvement in the editor

De course editor has been optimized for more webbrowsers. The weight of the editor should be less in the several browsers including Opera and Maxton.

  • Empty values which weren't empty

In some cases values in the gate element were seen as empty, creating issue when setting, add or subtracting numbers. The value "0" was sometimes seen as empty resulting in strange values when one added a value to it.

  • Collapsing and extending sections

The panel settings for elements in the course editor has been extended to allow users to collapse and open sections with settings or connections. Collapsed sections are rememberd when switching between other elements. Allowing easier edting of elements.

To see more changes please visit InCourse's what's new page.