InCourse Upcoming update #3

Written by Rex on 15/11/2012 09:40:37

We're currently busy with finishing the last tests for the next InCourse update. The application will feature several new and improved features. Three new features will be:

Internet Explorer 9/10 pinning of the website.

Windows 7 and later have a nice feature for Internet Explorer. It is called "Pinning". By dragging your browser tab onto you start bar and tell it to pin, you will be able to receive extra services. We'll be able to let it blink on new updates, you can right click and select a place to go. These places are quick links, a sort of bookmark.



Cloning with relations

Nothing is more frustrating than cloning a group of elements and having to reconnect them to eachother! So, we decided with a bit of feedback from our users that connections between selected elements will be cloned to! It's now easy to make a template and reuse it through your code.

Conversations are more flexible

The current setup for conversations is an one way dialog. You're unable to go back to an option and the only way to get back is a restart of the entire conversation. Well, this will be a past issue. In the #3 update you're able to trigger the conversation to just jump to an entry somewhere in your conversation! Making it more flexible and exciting.

And ofcourse, many extra features... We'll be discussing them later on.